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Postdoctoral Research Associate Position in Computational Game Theory/Multiagent Systems

The Teamcore Research Group
Computer Science Department
University of Southern California
Summer/Fall 2015

The Teamcore group is focused on research in applying multiagent systems to real-world problems and in advancing fundamental research to address these needs. Indeed, today, our game-theoretic algorithms have been deployed for real-world use by several agencies including the the US Coast Guard, the Federal Air Marshals Service, the LA Sheriff's Dept and others, and we are actively collaborating with several other agencies to conduct use-motivated research in areas of security, safety and sustainability. Our more recent work is focused on deterring environmental crime.

Game Theory for Security

AI and Environmental Crime

Game Theory and Human Behavior

We have new openings for post-doctoral research associate position starting in Spring 2014. Research emphasis will be on new algorithmic approaches in multiagent systems and but also on their practical implementations / applications. Interested applicants should send their CV and have three letters of recommendation forwarded to Professor Milind Tambe.

Multiagent Systems Research for Sustainability

Contagion / Diffusion Theory

A key aspect of our research is the interdisciplinary partnerships beyond Computer Science. To that end, one key group that a potential postdoctoral research associate will interact with is the Game theory and human behavior group. However, research projects also include several other collaborations; please see our web pages.