Disaster Response

Project Appears in Local News

Our disaster response research project has been featured in both the Daily Breeze newspaper and the local television news. We have videos of the coverage available. See links below to download in Windows Media (WMV) and Quicktime (MP4) formatted files:

UPN 13 News. Runtime: 01:57 Download in WMV and MP4

Fox 11 News. Runtime: 00:34 Download in WMV and MP4

Project Overview

The aim of my research is to enable humans and agents to work together in teams. Agents are becoming sophisticated and more capable of replacing some human team members in real world dynamic situations. The multiagent teams are becoming more complex, larger-scale, and more intelligent. As such they are capable of making more decisions on the team and not just taking commands. Though there is potential for team performance improvement, these new human agent teams introduce a new set of challenges to overcome.

Toward these goals, I have constructed a research prototype, called DEFACTO (Demonstrating Effective Flexible Agent Coordination of Teams through Omnipresence) to implement these approaches. Though DEFACTO can be used for deployed applications, it is initially being used as a modeling and simulation tool to improve on current training methods.

This project is funded by the USC Homeland Security Center (CREATE).


Milind Tambe

Nathan Schurr

Madhuri Kottamraju

Selected Publications

Nathan Schurr, Pratik Patil, Fred Pighin, Milind Tambe. Using Multiagent Teams to Improve the Training of Incident Commanders Proceedings of the Industry Track of the Fifth International Joint Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems, 2006


Nathan Schurr, Janusz Marecki, Paul Scerri, J. P. Lewis, Milind Tambe, The DEFACTO System: Training Tool for Incident Commanders The Seventeenth Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence Conference (IAAI) 2005


For a complete list of publications, click here.


Emma Bowring

Madhuri Kottamraju

Janusz Marecki

Praveen Paruchuri

Jonathan Pearce

Milind Tambe

Pradeep Varakantham

Xiaoming Zheng