Current Project Areas

Research Overview

The Teamcore group is focused on research driven by real-world problems. Our roots are in Artificial Intelligence and within that areas of intelligent agents and multiagent systems and computational game theory: our research has dealt with systems where multiple intelligent agents interact, where these agents may be humans, software agents, virtual agents in simulations, virtual or real crowds, or robots. Given our focus on research inspired by real-world problems, typically problems of security, safety and sustainability, our collaborations cut across disciplinary boundaries. We have established strong collaborations with faculty members in Psychology, Operations Research, Civil and Environmental Engineering and several other departments at USC and elsewhere.

Our research interests span areas of computational and behavioral game theory, multiagent and agent-human teamwork and team formation, distributed team coordination and planning under uncertainty, agent-based simulations, crowd simulation and contagion. Our research has led to real-world deployments. For example, research on computational and behavioral game theory has led to deployed systems that schedule randomized patrols and checkpoints. This includes the ARMOR-PROTECT system deployed by the US Coast Guard in a number of ports nationwide, ARMOR-IRIS by the Federal Air Marshals service, ARMOR-LAX by the LAX airport and others.

Our research in multiagent systems includes work in Belief-Desire-Intentions (BDI) systems, in Distributed Constraint Reasoning (DCR), and in Decision Theoretic and Game Theoretic approaches, a key aspect of our research is the interedisciplinary partnerships beyond Computer Science, such as with the Game theory and human behavior group.


Previous Projects



    Multiagent Systems Research for Sustainability




    PROTECT(Continues to be in use by the US Coast Guard since 2011)


    ARMOR-IRIS(Continues to be in use by FAMS since October 2009)


    ARMOR-LAX (Continues to be in use at LAX)




    Planning and Coordination for Multiagent Teams


    Learning Agents and Activity Detection


    Multiagent Based Simulations: Cancer Modeling and Markov Decision Problems

    DCOP team formation for disaster response

    Disaster rescue simulations



    Agents facilitated human organizations (CALO)

    Teamcore and Electric Elves  



    Distributed Resource Allocation (Dynamite) 




     Large Area Security