EC 2018 Tutorial on Information, Persuasion and Decision Making

June 18th, 2018
At the ACM Conference on Economics and Computation, Cornell in Ithaca.

Organizers: Bo Waggoner and Haifeng Xu.


The tutorial has three parts, each approximately one hour (totaling a half-day or slightly shorter). Part One covers the model of Bayesian information in games and fundamental tools, including Blackwell’s ordering, Aumann’s partition model, decision problems and Howard’s “Value of Information”, etc. Part Two overviews recent work on defining signals to be substitutes and complements in the context of a decision problem. Part Three overviews recent work on (algorithmic) persuasion games, a.k.a. signaling. Each part will briefly cover the key concepts, examples, applications, and open questions. This will be the first incarnation of this tutorial. We will not assume prior knowledge beyond basic mathematics and probability.

More details (pdf).

More contents come soon…please stay tuned!