Refereed Conference Proceedings  
Pow, J.; Helguera, M.; Pieri, E.; Wolters, S.; Augspurger, M.; Neuberger, B.; Scholl, V.; Bondi, 
E., The Use of Peer Evaluations In A Non-Traditional First Year System Design Class, ASEE, 
121st National Conference, T242 FPD4: Peers and Perceptions, Indianapolis, Indiana, 
United States, June (2014)    Paper

Conference Proceedings  
Bondi, Elizabeth; Salvaggio, Carl; Montanaro, Matthew; Gerace, Aaron D., Calibration of UAS 
imagery inside and outside of shadows for improved vegetation index computation, Proceedings 
of the SPIE, Defense + Commercial Sensing, Autonomous Air and Ground Sensing Systems for 
Agricultural Optimization and Phenotyping, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Precision Agriculture, 
9866, 17, pp. 98660J-1-98660J-7, Baltimore, Maryland, United States (April 19, 2016)    Paper    

Bondi, E.; Neuberger, B.; Iafrati, M.; Pow, J., Multidimensional Comparison of Project-Based 
Learning Programs, IEEE, 4th IEEE Integrated STEM Education Conference, K-12 Integrated 
STEM Education Track, Princeton, New Jersey, United States (2014)    Paper    Presentation

Conference Presentations (No Proceedings)  
Pow, J.; Iafrati, M.; Kratzer, S.; Scholl, V.; Bondi, E., Putting the Capstone First: Turning the 
STEM Curriculum Upside Down, The League for Innovation in the Community College, 2013
STEMtech Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, October (2013)    Presentation

RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium: Comparison of Independent and Principal 
Component Analysis for Historical Manuscript Image Processing, August 2013    Poster     

Internal Rochester Institute of Technology Presentations  
CIS Senior Research Symposium, Honors Research and Creativity Symposium: Calibration of 
UAS imagery inside and outside of shadows for improved vegetation index computation, 2016
CIS Presentation    Honors Presentation

RIT Undergraduate Research Symposium: Spectral Image Processing Applied to Manuscripts 
of Cultural Importance from the Museo del Tesoro del Duomo in Vercelli, Italy, 2014  

ImagineRIT: Interactive Landscapes, 2014
ImagineRIT: Multicamera Array, 2013

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