Recent papers

  • Addressing Scalability and Robustness in Security Games with Multiple Boundedly Rational Adversaries

    Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (GameSec). Authors: Matthew Brown, William B. Haskell, Milind Tambe

  • Defending Against Opportunistic Criminals: New Game-Theoretic Frameworks and Algorithms

    Published In: Conference on Decision and Game Theory for Security(Gamesec) (2014) Authors: Chao Zhang, Albert Xin Jiang, Martin B. Short, Jeffrey P. Brantingham and Milind Tambe

  • Security Games in the Field: Deployments on a Transit System

    Published In: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Springer. Authors: F. M. Delle Fave; M. Brown; C. Zhang; E. Shieh; A. X. Jiang; H. Rosoff; M. Tambe and J. P. Sullivan

  • Efficient Solutions for Joint Activity Based Security Games: Fast Algorithms, Results and a Field Experiment on a Transit System

    Published At: Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (JAAMAS). Authors: Francesco M. Delle Fave, Eric Shieh, Manish Jain, Albert Xin Jiang, Heather Rosoff, Milind Tambe and John P. Sullivan

  • Game-theoretic Security Patrolling with Dynamic Execution Uncertainty and a Case Study on a Real Transit System

    Published At: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 50:321-367 Authors:F. M. Delle Fave, A. X. Jiang, Z. Yin, C. Zhang, M. Tambe, S. Kraus, J.P. Sullivan

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